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Structured Wiring

In this fast-paced world, proper and continuous communication matters a lot. Today, you can find everyone in constant communication with someone somewhere, and for fruitful results, communication technology needs to be in consistent working order. In homes, offices, and other business centers, properly organizing the cabling that connects phones, security cameras, and other devices to each other are vital to enhancing overall reliability and efficiency.
The role of structured wiring effective communication is very important. Business Networks and telecommunications cannot exist without proper cabling. Cables within networks are like the veins that exist throughout the body, they are entirely essential for our survival; and just like the body, a certain level of examination is vital to maintaining sound health.

WHY DO I NEED Structured Wiring ?

Structured wiring is a generic term used to refer to many different types of wiring products for residential or commercial purposes that are currently available on the market. Structured wiring or cabling is a proper and reliable way of connecting multiple electronic devices. It includes advanced routers, smart switches, servers, computers, phones, appliances, and all other devices that makeup as a complete telecommunication or office network infrastructure. In Structured wiring, you can find an integrated architecture of sockets, cables, racks, patch panels, and cable distributors. A good thing about structured cabling is that it provides an environment for data transfer that integrates telecoms network, local or networked computer systems, video surveillance, and security. You can find great support for voice, media, and data systems.


Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring
Structured Wiring


Structured wiring or cabling provides the user with a plethora of benefits and possibilities. For example, when you enhance your home with structured wiring, you can have more options adding other pieces of sophisticated equipment. You can run your security camera to prevent theft or robbery. You can add a DVD to a television set in one room and watch the movie on any other television in your home. You can listen to your stereo clearly throughout your entire home. You can install video cameras at various points in your home, office, and then watch what they are capturing on television or Smartphone. You can easily equip your home with multiple phone lines. There are endless possibilities with structured wiring.

Elk Products

If you are looking for best-structured wiring or cabling, then should be your final destination. We are your one-stop company for all your structured wiring needs. Whether you are a residential homeowner or a commercial business owner, we have the much-needed knowledge and expertise to design and install proper structured cabling that will make your life easier, more efficient, and effective. A well-designed cabling system gives the users the flexibility to install a host of services across their structured cabling including data, voice. And most importantly, the users also want their network cabling to be able to support bandwidth requirements in the future. At, we understand the need for a properly planned and executed structured wiring for your home and business. We offer a wide range of structured wiring services needed to design and implement business telephone infrastructure that will accommodate all of your needs. We offer structured wires or other parts of leading brands such as, Cisco, Honeywell, Linear, On-Q, Leviton Telcom, ICC, Midlite Corporation, Data Comm Electronics, Arlington Industries, Elk Products and many more. You can purchase Honeywell 21141109, 18/2, CL2R, Riser Stranded Cable, 500′ for home or office and it supports devices like Burglar Alarm, Intercom, and Speakers, or HONEYWELL 63612101, 23/4, CAT6, that will handle communication between most of your networking devices and electronics. You can also buy products like Arlington Industries CE1- CE1 single gang cable entry device which is quite versatile and easy to install. There are many structured cabling products on display and the best part is that you can choose your products carefully based on your needs from the comfort of your home.



We provide world-class products, installation, support, knowledge, training ensuring reliable services and fruitful results for years to come. You should know that in the United States, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), in conjunction with TIA / EIA, is in charge of providing standards and practices within the industry. We offer world-class cabling installations and can provide you with industry-standard test results. We at National Security and Protection adhere to all the standards and practices within the industry to ensure a safe and proper cabling installation. We are widely known for our impeccable installation services and support. Our technician’s background checked and they adhere to National Electrical standards for residential and commercial building wiring.
Ordering our services is easy and affordable. Call 800 742-8085 and avail our excellent customer services. You will be pleased to know that we offer many promotions and discounts. So call, chat or submit our form and we’ll take you to the future of communications.


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