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In this contemporary world, safety is a big issue. Crime rates have increased considerably in many parts of the world and in fact, there is no place in the world where there is no crime. News of houses and offices getting burgled by criminals can be heard daily. Crime news disturbs homeowners and business owners the most. When you leave your home, you remain worried that criminals can break-in. At night, your company or factory can get burgled by burglars if you don’t have a home security system, CCTVs, 24-hour monitoring services, and other services in place. So to avoid such incidents, you can opt for access control products such as a telephone entry system to secure your home and office round the clock. You can install a telephone entry system in your home and office.


A Telephone Entry System is a great door entry device for large apartment complexes and business centers. The visitors can call owners or tenants and request access through the outside unit, the owner or tenant of the property can then grant or deny access as needed by pressing a predetermined button on the home or mobile telephone. If you are not aware of the function of the telephone entry system, you should know that telephone entry systems are created in such a way that if someone tries to enter your property forcefully, then you can notice them through the security cameras. Moreover, you can monitor even when you are relaxing inside your home. The cameras will transmit a signal that can be switched on or off as per your requirements. These days, you can find a telephone entry system that uses telephones or cell phones as communicators and grant or deny access to premises remotely. They will be able to generate a notification to you through a mobile internet connection. The best part is that the system can be operated and controlled remotely. You can monitor what is happening at your home and office even when you are far from your property with the help of a video camera. When you are far away from your home, you can put off any kind of false alarm to steer clear of needless commotion to your neighbors and police both. So, if burglary is a subject of concern in your area, then there is no harm in switching to the latest telephone entry system after consulting an expert in this field..


Telephone Entry System

Telephone Entry System
Telephone Entry System
Telephone Entry System
Telephone Entry System


Nowadays, telephone and intercom entry systems have become one of the most common and easy to use methods for controlling visitors or strangers access at gates and doors. By communicating through telephone lines or mobiles, this type of device can easily connect a secured entry point, at the gate to a building resident. Depending on their features, telephones or intercom entry systems can accurately reproduce sounds or, by using integrated cameras can broadcast for you round the clock. These types of devices are very useful and easy to use. A telephone entry system can be the perfect solution for any residential, commercial, or industrial use. It can be used as a primary access device for single-family homes, large multi-tenant facilities, office buildings, or factories.


If you are looking to buy a branded telephone entry system that uses telephones or cell phones as communicators and access permission, then you should visit us at We are a leading name in a home security system, security cameras, 24-hour monitoring, medical alerts, fire alarm system, networking, access control, business telephone, metal detectors, POS cash register, telephone entry system, and many more. We provide a wide variety of telephone entry systems in New York along with the much-needed accessories, which will meet your residential or commercial needs. We have high-quality products from leading brands for you. Our certified technicians will assist you with the installation, support, service, or repair of your products. We highly recommend Mircom TX3-TOUCH-F15-B commercial telephone entry system. This Telephone Access System is one of the advanced entrance automation systems available today. We can mount it in the right place and start monitoring your premises immediately. You can also purchase Linear RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry by North Shore Commercial Door which has been designed for residential as well as light commercial use. In this system, the keypad is lit by an overhead light for nighttime use, and this access control device is designed to protect it from vandalism. There are many telephone entry products at, you can pick one according to your needs and budget. If you are having trouble with the choice of intercom or if you are looking for the right audio or video, then call us on 800 742-8085 to find the right answers. If you are interested in buying a telephone entry system at affordable prices, call and ask for ongoing promotions. National Security and Protection Corp. are fully licensed and insured for any project.




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