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Shoplifting Prevention

Shoplifting has always been a major and expensive issue in all parts of the world. Business owners are losing billions of dollars due to shoplifting and many times, the loss is transferred in the form of a price hike to the customers. Retail businesses across the globe experience shoplifting daily. The risk of theft could be varying depending on the business type. Jewelry, technology, or expensive clothing stores facing a higher risk of theft, and the loss of a single piece means more value. However, implementing a shoplifting prevention system’ can help businesses to prevent shoplifting and have a secured business.

WHY DO I NEED Shoplifting Prevention?

Shoplifters use different methods to steal costly things from retail and other stores. To stop a shoplifter from stealing your costly products, you should be familiar with shoplifting methods, and also know what to look for when consumers exhibit strange behavior. Shoplifters use different types of items to hide their theft. It is rare when a thief will grab and run, most of them have a plan in mind when they go to a retail store. For example, a long coat provides a great place to hide merchandise; shoplifters often carry more than one bag or back bag to conceal small but costly items. Thieves tend to conceal stolen merchandise in the strollers, clothes, even inside bags with items they paid for.


Shoplifting Prevention

Shoplifting Prevention
Security Cameras
Telephone Entry System


The mere presence of a shoplifting prevention system or security system can help you to stop theft.When there is a shoplifting prevention system such as security cameras, deactivators, labels, and towers in your retail store, you can have peace of mind knowing that the likelihood of shoplifting is very low. Staff can fully dedicate their attention to core competencies or other aspects of the business, not having to worry about the loss of inventory. If an unfortunate incident occurs in the departmental store, a video record can help law enforcement to nab the thieves.

Shoplifting Prevention

In most stores, thefts generally take place during business hours but it also takes place even after it. Those businesses that ignore shoplifting cannot recover from the losses. According to the National Learning and Resource Center data, 1 in 11 people are shoplifters in the United States. That means around 27 million people are shoplifting in the US alone. Shoplifters also say that they are only caught about 1 in 48 times they steal and this shows a big loophole in the security of retail stores that don’t have shoplifting devices installed. Even if they are caught, they are handed over to authorities only about 50% of the time. These facts are worrisome for business owners.
So, if you own, retail, or any other store, you should install shoplifting devices such as deactivators, labels, and towers at the right places. You should also get security cameras installed at all strategic points in your store from where you can have a close look at the customers. If you are looking for a world-class shoplifting prevention system, then you should visit This renowned security equipments and services provider offers an exciting range of shoplifting devices from leading brands.



We offer a huge selection of high-quality security systems, receivers, transmitters, and even hard and soft tags. These systems are known in the market as electronic article surveillance (EAS). They are designed in such a way that it could be easily set up in entryways and communicate with hard tags and soft tags. If the tags are not disabled at checkout, the towers will detect their activated signature and will raise an alarm. It is an effective system and cannot be cheated. We also sell a wide range of dual and single tower EAS shoplift systems to businesses. The designs can vary based on where they will be used and also personal preference will be given due importance. If you want to buy shoplifting systems, deactivators, labels, and towers, then you should browse through our shoplifting system page, pick your devices and get it installed at the right places in your store by our experienced technicians. You can call or email us for installation, maintenance, or repair of your security equipment so that your store remains safe round the clock.


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