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Today, communication is playing a great role in streamlining your business operations, and also it is helping to secure door entry effectively.
Intercom is one communication tool that allows communication and operation between units and door entry spaces that are separated by distance or walls and this medium is very common especially in large buildings. Schools, hospitals, hotels, malls, and other places of work use different types of the intercom to secure entry. Nowadays, most of the buildings and offices are using intercom systems for efficient communication to door stations.
The popularity of Intercom has increased over the years. Now it is considered as an important part of residential and commercial complexes. But there was a time when people didn’t consider it for homes due to lack of knowledge. Intercom should be an integral part of your home as it gives you added benefits you need to keep your household safe. It can keep your family connected and anxiety-free and even safe from bad elements. Intercom systems are not just peepholes it is advanced security with many features and convenience. You can talk with all the strangers who come to your door, instead of opening it to a potential intruder. If you intend to screen visitors before allowing access to your premises then you should install an intercom. People with bad intentions will not approach your doors because they know they must identify themselves before entering your building. Moreover, if they have faces on camera, it means they will get exposed and can easily get caught by the police.


On the other hand, Intercoms are a must for all types of business establishments. If you have a company or a restaurant, you need intercoms to communicate your messages and it saves a lot of time. Employees communicating with their peers on different floors will no longer need to leave their chairs and waste time walking from one side of the building to the other side to receive messages or instructions and get distracted from work. Many businesses have secure areas where only authorized personnel are allowed to enter or access. You should know that the key has many vulnerabilities, such as if the key is lost or stolen or copies have been made. A video intercom system with video identification and recording will help you to keep the important area safe and secure.
In commercial buildings, security personnel and employees may visually identify and grant access





On the market, you can find different types of an intercom. With innovations and technology, you can find various types of intercom that include audio and video, intercoms with the mobile APP, wireless intercom, IP Based Intercom, Audio intercoms, room to room intercom systems and many more. You should know that in video intercom, the video controller monitors each door as soon as one is activated. It automatically switches the camera associated with that door. You can route the available feed to a single TV, or your main cable feed so that you can view the visitor on any TV of your choice in your home. If you have an IP intercom system, you can fully integrate with various third-party systems: building management, home automation, CCTV, digital telephones, and access control for better communication and security.


If you are looking to buy intercom for your home or office, you should visit National Security and Protection (NSP) is a leader in home security systems, security cameras, fire alarms, communications, and other products across the globe. We specialize in the sale, installation, service, and repair of intercom systems to meet the varied needs of our customers. We provide and customize a wide range of intercom systems for residential buildings, commercial buildings, schools, banks, retail stores, offices, and many more. We offer intercom latest brands and all the products are available at affordable prices. With the Aiphone IXG Series IP Multi-Tenant Video Intercom system you can store 10,000 names and numbers, connect to a unit station through cable, network, cloud, or hub. You can choose AIPHONE JFS-2AED JF Series hands-free color video enhanced system that can easily support 2 video door stations and 3 inside monitor stations. There are many other Intercom products on display. You can go through all the products and read all the features of the products and then buy a product if it suits your purpose and budget. When you shop with us, you will always get high-quality products blended with a many offers.




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