Structured wiring

Structured wiring is the cable infrastructure within the building or complex. Structured wiring or structured cabling interconnects telecommunication, security camera, locks data, and other electronic devices using cable structure.

The central part of any structured cabling system is the Structured Networking Panel (SNP). All of the cables coming from remote providers such as cable television, telephone, Internet, cloud servers, etc., implemented to the SNP, which then re-distributes across the building using structured wiring. It ensures all devices are connected and receiving data.

The installation can be performed during the building construction or under reconstruction or implemented after it is completed.

About Structured Wiring

Components of structural wiring include copper or fiber cables, RJ45 connectors, keystones, rack cabinets, patch panels, cable trays, and other components.


Advantages of structured wiring


  • Connectivity 

With structured cable, your home or business premises will be connected using a single entry point. Furthermore, since the SNP is stationed inside the building, the signal you receive will be stable and uninterrupted.


Internet, Data  

Installing proper wiring provide a fast and reliable connection.



Right cables and connectors ensure clear voice and stability.


Intercom, Video, CCTV

Proper cabling, connections, amplifiers deliver higher resolution and reliability.


  • Aesthetics

Structured cabling ensures a cleaner and more detailed look at all of the cables.


  • Flexibility

It is beneficial during maintenance and service

About Structured Wiring

  • Potential for growth

Structured cable has massive bandwidth potential and can handle all changes you might make in the future.


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