Telephone Entry System

Telephone-based access control system or premise entry system uses telephone lines or cell phones as a communicator and access permission.

It requires the person at the entrance to identify themselves to be allowed entry into a commercial or residential area.

Advantages of using a telephone entry systemAbout Telephone Entry System

No other costs

Telephone entry systems don’t use the public telephone network and have no hidden additional costs.

  • Remote access

The person with the privilege to allow or ban access to a location does not have to be physically present at the location.

  • Human factor

It is up to the person controlling the entrance to allow or disallow a person inside the location.

Types of telephone entry systems


These systems can store and dial pre-programmed landline and cell phone numbers if the call made by pressing the button at the entrance is unanswered. This way, if a person inside the building doesn’t answer the door phone, they will receive a call to one of the other numbers stored or might call another person.

Home visitor entry systems

Explicitly designed for residential areas, the home visitor system allows for call forwarding requests if the owners are not at home.

Multiple residence entry control

               Ideal for large apartment complexes, they allow the user to determine which number will be called once the button on the door phone is pressed. The resident can allow entrance to the location by pressing a button on his/her phone.About Telephone Entry System

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