Business Telephone Systems

A business telephone is a specialized multi-line communication device adjusted for business use. We can distinguish between Private Branch Exchange Systems (PBX), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and IP PBX systems.About Business Telephone Systems

A PBX allows the users within the systems to communicate to each other using only local lines while sharing a certain number of external phone lines. An IP PBX uses a similar approach: users within the system can talk to each other using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology while sharing a certain number of external phone lines, just like regular PBX systems.

VOIP telephone systems use the IP network for calls within and outside the enterprise.

Advantages of using business telephone systems

  • Cost reduction

Using VOIP technology is significantly cheaper compared to traditional phone lines and can reduce communication costs.

  • Flexible and cheap communication between remote offices

Communication between remote offices and/or branches maintains low costs when VOIP technology is used.

  • More communication options

Advanced business telephone systems allow for additional options to be used: conference calls, video calls and exchange of multimedia content.

  • Increased efficiency

Better communication means better coordination between branches and more productivity and efficiency.


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