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Silent Knight by Honeywell SD505-DUCTR, Duct Smoke Detector with Relay Base

Brand: Silent Knight

Item #: 1102033SD505-DUCT

Availability: Information Only

Silent Knight by Honeywell SD505-DUCTR - SD505-DUCTR Addressable duct smoke detector provides early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through an HVAC duct to prevent re-circulation of smoke into the air handling system. The SD505-DUCTR is a heavy duty metal housing with a pre-installed SD505-APS Analog Photo Electric Smoke Sensor and relay module. When smoke is detected in a duct, the unit communicates the condition to the Intelli Knight FACP. The built-in relay module, in turn, turns off fans, blowers, and other devices.The SD505-DTS-K is a remote switch which is used with the SD505-DUCTR so you may remote test the Duct Detector. It also provides LED indication of the status of the SD505-DUCTR. The SD505-DTS-K uses the same key as the control panel.

• Two-wire connection to SLC

• LED alarm indication and communication on sensor head

• Detects and limits the spread of smoke

• Rugged steel backbox with clear plastic cover

• Installation template included

• Large terminal connection screws

• 3 standard tube lengths

• UL 268A listed, complies with NFPA 72 and 101


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