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Silent Knight by Honeywell 005700, 50-100 Point Single Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Brand: Silent Knight

Item #: 1101033005700

Availability: Information Only

Silent Knight by Honeywell 005700 - c IntelliKnight 5700 system may be enhanced by adding modules such as 5860 remote annunciator, 5824 serial/parallel printer interface module (for printing system reports), and 5496 intelligent power module. 5700 supports SD or SK devices. 5700 also features a powerful built-in dual line fire communicator that allows for reporting of all system activity to a remote monitoring location.

CLICK HERE FOR Silent Knight by Honeywell-005700-specifications.pdf

  • - Built-in support for up to 50 SK detectors and 50 SK modules creating a total point capacity of 100 points (version 10.0 and higher)
  • - Built-in support for up to any combination of 50 SD devices
  • - Built-in digital communicator/dialer
  • - Uses standard wire – no shielded or twisted pair required
  • - Notification circuits configurable as one Class A (Style Z) or two Class B (Style Y), or auxiliary for resettable, constant, or door holder power
  • - Point status meets calibrated smoke test requirements for NFPA 72
  • - One Form C trouble relay and two Form C programmable relays
  • - Built-in synchronization for multiple notification appliance manufactures
  • - RS-485 SBUS provides communication to intelligent distributed system accessories


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