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Panasonic KX-TA 824 Hybrid System and (3) KX-T7731 Black Phones package


Item #: 0611019824PK

Availability: Pre-Order

KX-TA824 Hybrid System with Caller ID (Configured 3 X 8) and (3) KX-T7731B Telephones in Charcoal Black for advanced hybrid systems

Item #: 0603022824

Advanced Hybrid Telephone System 

Ideal for Home & Small Offices

KX-TA824 System Includes: 
1 Control Unit (KX-TA824), 3 Lines & 8 Extensions (KX-TA82483 Built-In), 3 Line Caller ID Card (KX-TA82493 Built-In) PC Configuration Software

  • Room-to-room intercom
  • Flexible line buttons
  • Flexible ring assignment
  • Room monitor
  • Conferencing
  • Night day and lunch mode settings
  • Optional built-in messaging card (KX-TA82492)
  • Central office voice mail compatible
  • Panasonic voice mail system integration
  • Caller ID, call waiting/logging
  • Single-line device integration
  • Backlit display and dial keypad
  • Optional Doorphone and door/gate opener
  • System speed dial
  • Toll restriction
  • Paging and page pickup
  • Direct inward system access with outgoing message and fax detection
  • Off-premises call forwarding
  • Background music when using external music device
  • PC programming (remote and on-site system administration)


KX-T7731-B Speakerphone Features:

Item #: 06030227731

  • 12 programmable CO keys
  • 12 programmable feature keys
  • Auto answer/Mute/Conference/Intercom/Pause
  • Auto dial/Store
  • Speakerphone key with LED indication
  • Transfer, Hold and Navigation keys
  • Speakerphone, Speaker volume control
  • 3 position ringer switch volume
  • Message/Ringer lamp
  • 1 line 16 character backlit LCD display, LCD contrast adjustment
  • J type handset, 2.5mm headset jack
  • Available in Charcoal Black


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