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Nortel i2002 IP Telephone (TEXT) Phase 2


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Nortel i2002 IP Phone (TEXT)
  • Integrated LCD Display
  • Self-labeling Programmable Keys
  • Self-labeling Context-sensitive SoftKeys
  • Audio Control Center
  • Navigation Cluster
  • Specialized Fixed Keys
  • Message Waiting / Visual Ring Indicator
  • Automatic Firmware Upgrades
  • DHCP - Centrally-managed iP Addresses
  • Hearing-aid Compatible
  • Adjustable Display Contrast
  • Distinctive Ring Tones
  • Multi-stage Icons
  • Suitable for moderate call volumes

    *Supports power over ethernet (POE) WITHOUT any splitter* 

    Will support more features in the future

    Power over Ethernet delivers power from the Data Switching Equipment over Ethernet cabling via the IEEE 802.3af specification. By supporting Power over Ethernet, the IP Phone 2002 eliminates the need for power splitters and AC outlets, resulting in a more reliable and cost effective solution.

Part Number: NTDU91BB70, NTDU91BB16


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