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Nortel Entry Level IP Telephone for Lobbies, Conference Rooms and "Low-Use" Common Areas


Item #: 06040236804

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  • Seamless transition from legacy technology to the power of IP
  • Ease of physical installation with 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet) - simply plug the phone into the corresponding LAN port with no power adapter required
  • Easy, web-based setup where users can easily program the feature buttons in user-friendly way
  • Can be set up to auto-download for full and automatic configuration
  • Standards-based SIP support enabling inter-operability with a number of industry-leading, carrier-based call servers

Technical Specifications


  • LAN Connection: 10/100 Mbsp, 2 RJ-45
  • AC Power: Yes
  • Power Over Ethernet: Yes
    • Idle (stand-by): 2.064W
    • Peak: 3.216W
  • DSS Console: N/A
  • Wall mountable: Yes
  • Color: Black

Display & Keypad

  • LCD Display: N/A
  • Soft keys: N/A
  • Line Appearance: Up to 4
  • Shared Line Appearance: Yes
  • Flexible Keys: 4
  • Feature (PGM/Settings): Yes
  • Redial Key: Programmable
  • Hold Key: Yes
  • Mute Key: N/A
  • Transfer Key: Programmable
  • Forward Key: Programmable
  • DND Key: Programmable
  • Conference Key: Programmable
  • Speaker Key (handsfree): OHD (Listen only)
  • Headset Key: N/A
  • Message Key: N/A
  • Message wait indicator: Yes
  • Volume Up/Down: Yes
  • Ringer: Yes

IP Telephony

  • Protocol: SIP/MGCP
  • Platform Compatibility
    • SIP: Broadsoft, Net2Phone, Nortel BSG, Nortel CS1000, Nortel CS1500, Nortel CS2000, Nortel CS2100, Nortel SCS500, Sylantro
    • MGCP: Cirpack, Comverse, Sylantro
  • Codec: G.711, G723.1A, G729AB
  • QoS: 802.1p/q, Diffserv
  • Networking Protocol: HTTPS, NTP,TFTP
  • IP Address: DHCP, Static
  • User login with password: N/A
  • Secure, remote provisioning/update: Yes

Part Number: NTB440AAE6

Nortel 6804 IP Phone

The IP Phone 6804 is an entry-level telephone with functionality for use in lobbies, conference rooms and "low-use" common areas. The LG-Nortel IP Phone 6800 Series of desksets provide the features and functionality of a traditional desktop telephone along with the advantages of advanced IP technology.

Key Features:

  • Flexible buttons to access features
  • Automatic SIP registration with the host
  • Integrated speaker with volume control
  • Volume bar providing fingertip control of audio and ringer volume settings
  • Multiple line appearances and multiple ring-tones
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