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Nortel Door Phone Steel Business Series Terminal


Item #: 0604023NT8B79FDE6

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Nortel Door Phone Steel BST

The Norstar Doorphone enables office personnel to talk directly with visitors prior to their entering a business. When a visitor presses the Call Button, the Norstar system rings the designated phone(s) in an office and allows two-way conversation. 

The optional Door Opening Controller enables any Norstar phone to control a latch on a door or a gate. Allows two-way conversation between Norstar phone and Doorphone. 

Can be located up to 2600 feet away from the main system with optional SAP. Requires 1 unused station port, can ring one or multiple stations, can be used in conjunction with DOC for door strike operations, can be answered by voicemail, up to 4 doorphones per system can be installed compatible with all releases.

Part Number: NT8B79FDE6

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