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Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit


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Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit


  • Acoustic Clarity Technology - Simultaneous, natural, free-flowing conversation
  • Easy to install and use - Connects directly into your Norstar digital telephone jack
  • Voice coverage - 360 degrees voice coverage picks sound from any point in the room.
  • Automatic room mapping - Adapts to optimize performance.
  • Full duplex technology - Reduces time delays and audio clipping.
  • Speaker - Digitally tuned speaker.
  • Microphones - Three sensitive microphones.
  • Plugs into any Norstar/BCM digital telephone jack, requiring no additional telephone set, analog adapter, or analog line cord
  • Access to Norstar and BCM Features.
  • Accidental disconnect protection.
  • Made by Polycom for Norstar/BCM

Part Number: NTAB4213

Nortel Audio Conferencing Unit

Perfect for conference rooms and offices, the Norstar Audio Conferencing Unit plugs into any Norstar digital telephone jack. Its durable, sleek, space-age design includes full duplex technology and a keypad with a feature button that lets you easily access all of the key conferencing features from the T series phones.

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