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KX-T7775 - Panasonic High End Doorphone


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Panasonic KX T7775 High End Doorphone
  • Door phones from Panasonic are suitable for both home and office use. The doorphone comes with a white plastic casing and has a selection of highly appealing, optional interchangeable face plates that match well with almost any decor (for recessed mounting only).
  • Illuminated blue button enhances the appearance of the doorphone and great for low light conditions
  • Two-way conversation between PBX extension phone and doorphone
  • Standard door bell control
  • Confirmation tone alerts the visitor that a call has been made
  • Make/receive calls
  • Doorphone will allow you to ring one or all of your phones on your Panasonic Telephone System.
  • When connect to a contact closure you may also open the door from one of your Panasonic Telephones

Compatible with the following Panasonic Systems:

KX-TA624 with TA62460 
KX-TA824 with TA82461 
KX-TA1232 with TA123260 
KX-TAW848 with TAW84861 
KX-TD816 with TD160/161 
KX-TD1232 with TD160/161 
KX-TDA50 with KX-TDA5161 
KX-TDA100/200/600 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-TDA0190 
KX-TDE100/200/600 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-TDA0190 
KX-NCP500/1000 with KX-TDA0161 and KX-NCP0190

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