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Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell 411UDAC 4 Channels Stand Alone slave Fire Alarm Communicator

Brand: Fire-Lite Alarms

Item #: 1101033411UDAC

Availability: Information Only

Fire-Lite Alarms by​ Honeywell 411UDAC - Fire-Watch 411UDAC from Fire-Lite Alarms is a stand-alone slave Fire Alarm Communicator designed for a variety of fire and non-fire applications. It's providing four channels (inputs) that accept normally open devices including water flow devices, detectors and pull stations. This dialer is a cost-effective solution for applications that require a Fire alarm control panel to transmit system status to an off-site central station monitoring facility.

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  • - Flexible and configurable to meet your communication and central station requirements.
  • - Four supervised monitoring channels (inputs):
  • - Three fixed Style B (Class B) and one Style A (Class A) or Style B (Class B).
  • - Two new onboard relays are now included on the main circuit board.
  • - One Style Y (Class B) Notification Appliance (bell) Circuit (NAC).
  • - 1.0 Amp notification appliance power.
  • - Large cabinet with increased knockouts and space to house a large battery.
  • - Includes 15 popular communication formats, including the widely used Ademco Contact ID format, ensuring compatibility with virtually all DACRs.
  • - Industry-first, UL recognized, “dialer runaway” prevention feature.
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