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DSC 4-Button Wireless With Built-In Flashlight WS4969

Brand: DSC

Item #: 1004013WS4969

Availability: Information Only

DSC 4-Button Wireless With Built-In Flashlight WS4969

The 4-button WS4969 is the first wireless key in the industry with a built-in flashlight. Aside from providing assistance in low-light situations, the WS4969 also provides users with a sense of control over their security systems and the added convenience that comes with portable, personal protection. The wireless key can be used to arm/disarm security systems from a distance, be programmed to activate garage door openers, turn on lights, open powered gates, or trigger panic alarms. 


  • Compact, attractive design
  • Build-in, high intensity LED flashlight
  • Durable, scratch-resistant buttons
  • 4 programmable function keys
  • Powered by long-life lithium batteries (included)
  • Full 3-second delay on panic alarm to reduce false alarms
  • Reliable 433 MHz technology
  • Water-resistant
  • FCC and IC listed
  • False Alarm Reduction

False alarm reduction has resulted from the introduction of activation delays that require users to press and hold a button for a period before its function is initiated. For example, to trigger the arm/disarm function you must press and hold the appropriate button for one second, and for the panic alert, three seconds. A red LED indicator on the WS4969 flashes to indicate that a transmission has been sent to the control panel receiver. The LED indicator activates only after the necessary delays have expired. Those who would like to remove the three-second delay on the panic alarm can do so by pressing and holding all four buttons (excluding the flashlight button) simultaneously until the LED begins to flash. To return to default settings, simply repeat the same steps.


The WS4969 is a versatile device capable of arming/disarming security systems from a distance, activating garage door openers, turning on lights, opening powered gates or triggering panic alarms.

Value Added

The WS4969 is built with reliable 433 MHz technology, uses long-life lithium batteries, and is compatible with all current DSC wireless receivers.

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