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Bosch DVR DVR-5000-16A401 16 Channel 960H, Real-time 4TB Digital Video Recorder

Brand: BOSCH

Item #: 0903DVR-5000-16A401

Availability: In Stock

Bosch DVR DVR-5000-16A401 is from a family of 16-channel digital recorders that use the latest 960H high-resolution video technology and state-of-the-art compression techniques. These advanced technologies, coupled with efficient network data transmission, are delivering the high security and reliability required for modern surveillance systems. Simultaneous remote or local monitoring, recording, archive and playback are guided with simple menu selections and operator commands. The recorders are available with a number of storage capacities, and a built-in DVD burner can be also specified. 

CLICK HERE FOR Bosch-DVR-5000-16A401-Specification.pdf

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