Medical Alert Services is the additional monitoring service that will dispatch Medical Assistance and will notify family members in case of medical emergencies at NSP. Medical Alert System is specially made for senior citizens or those who are with tendencies to get heart attacks/strokes epilepsy etc.


Medical alert

Below are the features of our Medical Alert System:


  • During an emergency, the appropriate responder is immediately alerted such as the police, fire department, or medical professionals.


  • Trained monitoring professionals are available 24/7 to respond in case of medical emergencies and other related dangers.


  • A reminder is sent every month to check and ensure that the medical alert systems are working correctly.


  • Our medical alert systems gadgets are all waterproofed.


  • We ensure that our batteries are of top quality and have powerful backup to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the medical alert tools.


You can always order our medical alert systems as a part of your home security system, or separately as you wish.


Please call 800 742-8085 for more information and to schedule service activation.