24-hour monitoring is the centralized monitoring and notification center, where dispatchers 24-hour monitor your electronic devices and notify authorities and a client.

Business Alarm System:About 24-hour monitoring

National Security and Protection Corp. provide top-notch alarm system monitoring for your business. We are dedicated to keeping your business and customers safe at all times. 

Our track record in business alarm systems guarantees that we will do what we say and even exceeds your expectations. We will ensure that you are protected 24/7 whether you are into food and beverage products, retail stores, hotels, etc. Most excitingly, our products match your business’s size, your specific needs, including your budget concerns. 

Home Alarm System

Our Home Alarm System effectively detects and prevents break-in attempts. The alarm system has sensing devices added, which can be installed inside and outside of your home. Our security systems are assimilated to other systems such as Fire Detection, Access Control, and CCTV. 

Emergency Medical Assistance

Our Emergency Medical Assistance is perfect if you have an elderly at home. Our medical alert system has automatic fall detection and a mobile system that allows you to respond quickly in case of an emergency, even if you are away. 


The National Security and Protection Corp. offer a complete line of security cameras and surveillance solutions. Indeed, no one can afford to miss this essential tool in keeping homes and business properties safe day in and day out. 

NetworkAbout 24-hour monitoring

Network monitoring ensures your network and network devices function correctly and are protected from hackers, exploitation, modification, or denial of the network and network resources.

National Security and Protection Corp. have complete 24 hours and Medical Alert Services. 

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